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Argentina is a resource-rich country with a varied topography. Due to a past of political and economic turmoil, the country has experienced uneven economic performance consisting of periods of high growth and others of severe recessions. Lasting effects from the coronavirus have caused nearly 40% of the population to fall below the poverty line. To make matters more difficult, less than 50% of the country’s population has access to a bank account. Rural areas and indigenous communities are the least likely to experience financial inclusion, and major banks won’t make small loans to entrepreneurs because of the risks. This disproportionally disadvantages those who do not have the funds to take out big loans. This is why microfinance institutions play such an important role.


Pro Mujer International

Partner Since 2017

Pro Mujer is a leading women’s development organization committed to positively impacting the lives of low-income women and their families throughout Latin America. Through a suite of financial, health and skill-building services, Pro Mujer creates opportunities for women to build businesses, gain independence and become powerful agents of change for themselves and their communities.

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