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Colombia is currently the fourth largest economy in Latin America, yet possesses the second-highest wealth inequality rate. A great deal of the country’s exports come from petroleum and coffee. About 27% of its population lives in poverty, but this number rises to 36% in rural areas, representing 49 million people. While rural populations are more likely to live in poverty,  women also face disproportionate challenges and are more likely to experience unemployment than men. Both of these groups are highly susceptible to violence relating to the country’s history of nacro-based conflicts. Due to this increased probability of violence, it is hard to find banks in rural regions. The need for microfinance is as apparent as ever, especially for women and rural populations.



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MiCréditoYa’s mission is to create business solutions that include both social and financial support to Micro and Small Entrepreneurs, providing for a more prosperous future. Its vision is to evolve into an institutional bank, in order to contribute to the economic and social development of the Micro and small businesses in South America.

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