Ecuador, beautiful and biodiverse, is home to a population that struggles to access traditional forms of credit and financial services. With an economy heavily dependent on eco-tourism, transfers from emigrants abroad, and oil reserves, Ecuadorians involved in creating small businesses and farming agricultural exports need support. That's why we are proud to collaborate with our partners on providing meaningful resources to those who need them most. 



Partner Since 2010

Espoir’s mission is to contribute to the economic growth, social development, and the health of women entrepreneurs and their families. With 63,090 current loans to poor micro-enterprises in Ecuador, and 80% of those loans to women, their impact in small agricultural loans and solidarity is strong, and growing.


Partner Since 2019

The Foundation of Community and Social Support of Ecuador, or FACES,  has contributed to social and economic improvement in the North and South Region of Ecuador since 1991. A former long time partner of WCCN, we are excited to once again partner with FACES. The organization works for the development of lower-income social groups, especially those in situations of vulnerability and exclusion due to different gender, age, physical and intellectual abilities, ethnicity or geographical location. Of their 19,901 clients, 55% are women and 66% live in rural areas. 


Partner Since 2010

The Institute of Social, Economic and Technological Research (INSOTEC) is a non-profit founded in 1980 as an institute of applied research and training on micro-enterprise development in Ecuador. Currently, INSOTEC has branches in Quito, Ambato, Riobamba, Pelileo and Santo Domingo de los Colorados. Beyond traditional micro-loan services, these branches also offer health clinics focused on women's health. INSOTEC plans to expand upon its 5,500 member base to offer microfinance services to rural areas in the northwest, coastal region of Ecuador.

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