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WCCN Strengthens Commitment to Women with Pro Mujer Investment

In early March, WCCN strengthened a long-time partnership with Pro Mujer, a leading women’s development organization that offers low-income women throughout Latin America an array of financial, health, and education services. By investing $950,000 in the organization, WCCN expands its impact to Argentina, Bolivia, and Mexico, and builds upon its commitment to better the lives of women throughout all of Latin America.

The investment will help Pro Mujer International deepen its footprint in the region and expand its service offerings so that more women can access economic security, health and freedom from violence throughout their lifecycle. Pro Mujer’s integrated approach to empowerment provides women supportive social spaces that promote skill-building and self-esteem. Loans help Pro Mujer’s entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Pro Mujer currently serves over 260,000 clients and has disbursed nearly $3 billion in loans since its inception in 1990. The two organizations first collaborated when WCCN lent $500,000 to Pro Mujer’s Nicaraguan office in 2009.

Maria Cavalcanti, Pro Mujer President and CEO commented, “We are delighted by WCCN’s investment and are excited about developing a long-term relationship that strengthens our ability to continually improve the lives of millions of underserved families in Latin America through financial inclusion and other basic services.”

Both WCCN and Pro Mujer share a commitment to social impact in Latin America by promoting financial inclusion and the empowerment of women. WCCN invests in organizations like Pro Mujer

who serve the poorest and most remote individuals, including rural farmers and indigenous minority groups.

“At WCCN, we have always been strong believers in the positive transformational impact that Pro Mujer has in the communities where they work,” said Executive Director of WCCN, Nancy Metzger. “Investing for impact is an arduous journey with a partner, not merely a signed check with an expected return. We are proud to take that journey with Pro Mujer.”


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