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A Note From WCCN's Executive Director

As we enter the holiday season, we share some gifting experiences with you in this issue. This year, staff at our microfinance partner IDESI Grau in northern Peru shared their stories of how they helped client families and community members rebuild after severe floods wiped out roads, homes and businesses for several weeks. IDESI Grau’s response was both immediate and needed, saving lives and livelihoods for those working poor families already vulnerable to falling backwards into poverty. WCCN is making an appeal to send a gift contribution this year to IDESI Grau, as part of our show of support and thanks for their community relief efforts.

We also share with you the story of El Buen Socio, in Mexico who is helping transplant damaged beehives for 40 beekeeper families that are losing their bee populations after climate change induced droughts occurred earlier this year. With our WCCN gift of support, you are making a difference for those 40 families that depend on seasonal honey production income, when they thought all was lost.

Read the story of Katerine Daniela Solorzano and her six girlfriends and dance troupe companions from Nicaragua. Katerine fulfilled a life-long dream when she came with her dance troupe to the US to perform traditional folkloric dances, showing off long hours of practice with pride. A small gift of support from WCCN made it possible for Katerine and her dance troupe to come to Wisconsin this past October.

We are proud of the gifts we receive and we give, day in and day out, in our effort to make this world more livable with basic dignity, and with opportunities created for others today and tomorrow. We use donations to help us respond and extend support to our partners when loans are not a good fit. Your gifts of support are invaluable and much appreciated by WCCN and all the partners and persons, like 13 year old Katerine. For her and others, without your support, these opportunities would not be possible. On behalf of all of us at WCCN, I thank you for that ongoing support and ask you to consider a gift to WCCN this year-end. Every gift counts, and even a little means a lot to those you help.


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