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Conflict in Nicaragua

As you've likely seen in the news, Nicaragua has been engulfed in on and off protests, riots and retaliation between the government of Nicaragua and protesters who are upset by what they see as increasing amounts of control over their every day lives. At WCCN we understand that political unrest disproportionately affects poor people, and to that end we hope the situation is resolved quickly and in whichever way leads to the brightest future for the working poor in Nicaragua. To date all of our partners have been making their regular payments and have informed us that while they expect their loans in arrears to increase slightly, they are maintaining flexibility with their poor borrowers to help keep them going. We are in weekly communication with our partners in Managua, Masaya, and throughout the rest of Nicaragua to gauge the situation and understand how we can best be of help to them. WCCN was born out of a situation of conflict in Nicaragua, and while we are not happy to see the country return to conflict, we understand that WCCN has an historic and mission-driven duty to help the working poor of Nicaragua in good times and bad. We continue to monitor the situation, and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the situation and how it relates to WCCN.


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