Working Capital for Community Needs (WCCN) has been working in solidarity with the people of Latin America for 36 years. To date, WCCN’s loan fund program has lent more than $140 million to impoverished borrowers and has repaid its investors 100% of the principal and interest owed to them. WCCN entered the COVID crisis in a strong financial position, and as such can turn its focus towards its end-borrowers in Central and South America, people who often live on $2 a day or less. WCCN's traditional lending program serves around 20,000 people a year, but through our financial institution partners on the ground we have an approximate reach of 450,000 individuals.


WCCN works in seven countries in Latin America and each one has experienced the COVID-19 epidemic differently. Most governments in Latin America responded to the crisis quickly by imposing curfews, lockdowns or other limits on gatherings, transport or work.


Despite the quick action taken by most governments, we are beginning to see a steep rise in COVID-19 related cases and deaths in the region. Many governments are underreporting their deaths, and regional hospitals are reportedly unable to take any more patients. We are hearing from our partners that they are seeing dead bodies in the streets and funeral homes at or over capacity. Many of the countries in which we work do not have good healthcare systems nor centralized reporting, so getting an idea of the severity of the crisis has been challenging. Additionally, many of our borrowers have been unable to work due to lockdowns.

We have been in touch with our partners to ask how we can help. The two biggest needs at this point are donations for food for our end-borrowers and for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and hand sanitizer. Because of our unique position in the marketplace we can actually get both food and PPE delivered to our end-borrowers so they do not need to leave their homes and risk contamination. Our partners are also asking for new investments to help get their borrowers on their feet once the crisis subsides.

Both the health and economic consequence of the COVID-19 epidemic in Latin America are severe, affecting some places worse than others.  Will you consider making a gift to WCCN to help get food and PPE to our worst-affected borrowers?


100% of your donations will be passed directly to our impoverished end-borrowers through the purchase and distribution of food and PPE.


If you are willing to consider a new investment in WCCN, we will use that money, once the pandemic subsides, to offer bridge loans to our end-borrowers to give them capital to restart their micro-businesses. Those loans will be an essential part of their financial recovery.

At WCCN we are proud to once again help our investors and donors connect with the individuals in Latin America they care so much about. It is the best part of what we do. Thank you for your consideration.