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Welcome to the New WCCN

While we continue to help ensure that the poorest people in Latin America, particularly women, have access to the key resources they need to improve their living conditions, we are also undergoing some significant changes in our organization. Coming on the heels of a few financially challenging years, we have decided to return to the foundational concepts and approaches that made us successful in accomplishing our mission for many years. We have already begun to streamline operations and our key focus for 2018 is on successfully accomplishing our mission, profitably, to continue to be good stewards of the resources you have entrusted to us, long-term. I speak for our entire Board of Directors and staff in saying that we believe WCCN is well positioned for strong success in 2018 and beyond. On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of WCCN, all of whom are fully committed to WCCN’s mission, I thank you for your support and trust as we continue to help the working poor in Latin America. These past few months, I’ve had a chance to speak with many of you. I have thoroughly enjoyed the discussions and I’ve learned a lot about you and WCCN through those conversations. All of us at WCCN want to retain strong open lines of communication and I welcome a conversation with you about WCCN at any time. Of course, our staff is always prepared and available, too, and we are fortunate to have the high quality staff we have to help us achieve our mission well. Thank you for your support of WCCN. We look forward to continuing to help you help others for many years to come.


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