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Collective Action for Just Finance: The Transformative 25 - Upcoming Webinar

On May 1, 2024, Collective Action for Just Finance will release the Transformative 25 (T25), its fourth annual list of impact first community informed capital funds, banks, and initiatives transforming the finance sector towards one that enriches people and the planet.

“If you care about racial inequality, the climate crisis, and how finance is wrecking our democracy, the Transformative 25 list is a must-follow.”

- Leslie Christian, CFA, Senior Investment Advisor, Northstar Asset Management

T25 funds employ a mix of holistic strategies such as diverse leadership, integrated capital, creative financial tools, regenerative returns, values-aligned mission, and democratic ownership and governance to drive transformative change in finance.

The T25 Selection Committee includes 23 members from multiple sectors who reviewed a diverse group of funds that drive innovative solutions to address wealth inequality, the climate crisis, unbanked entrepreneurs and families, and racial and gender discrimination. The funds provide holistic solutions and wealth building assistance to entrepreneurs, cooperatives, Native communities, the underhoused, and underemployed.

Non-extractive Finance Attracts $1.13 Billion Cumulatively the 90 funds listed on the T25 since 2021 have raised $1.13 billion dollars in grant and investment capital for impact-first funds attracting capital from a wide range of investors and donors.

“With well over a billion dollars in deal flow, the annual T25 list underscores that there are absolutely no excuses for investors who truly seek to make impact-first investments,”

- Taj James, Co-founder, Full Spectrum Capital Partners and Movement Strategy Center

A public webinar announcing the list will be held on May 1 at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern.

Collective Action for Just Finance, a project of Possibility Labs, will publish the 2024 List and Report on May 2 here:



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